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New template

I just applied a new wordpress template to the site and I am fine tuning it. Hopefully it won’t be as problematic as the previous theme and it will be easier to maintain as well. Would love to hear what you think. Please leave some comments or send me a note.

Changes coming soon

I am tired of the bugs that I am facing on the theme that I purchased for this site. Changes will come soon.

Eurodam Cruise Ship

This is the Eurodam at the San Juan (Puerto Rico) harbour. Great ship and totally recommend in case you are looking for a memorable trip. The food was amazing, staff was great and we had a great time. You pay an extra fee for specialty restaurants but it’s a very small fee and totally worth
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Camera gear prices

Photoprice.ca appears to be an interesting price comparison site for those who live in Canada and may be shopping for some camera gear. Price comparison can save you a few bucks. Good luck!

All on board

View from my balcony on board the Eurodam back in 2011.

Canon 7D hardcore durability tests

This video is not recommended for those who have hart problems, high blood pressure, etc. Enjoy the Canon 7D hardcore durability tests’ video.  

Denmark in the Cloud

We went to Denmark last year and we had a fantastic time. Copenhagen is such a modern and vibrant city. Tons of people all over the place and lots to do. The food was also fantastic. If you are planning to visit Copenhagen I recommend the Admiral Hotel and the SALT restaurant. If you have
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Paris in the Cloud

I’m experimenting with the new Journal feature available on the new IOS version of iPhoto. Just placed some of my Paris’ pictures in the cloud: <click here to see the images> Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Spring in Paris

Took this shot during a recent trip to Paris. I think I could easily spend 10 years there taking pictures. Incredible place. I shot this one from inside the D’Orsay museum and you can see the Basilique du Sacré-Couer in the background.